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​Lender Services

     In these times of regulatory change, more than ever, Lenders require the services of a local, reliable and consistent Escrow and Settlement partner.  At BBTPA, we work hard with each and every Lender to deliver customized solutions on a timeline that is consistent with your and your client's business needs. During the closing process, BBTPA adheres to a strict and mindful compliance with the Best Practices as published by the American Land Title Association (ALTA), so the Lender can concentrate on what it does best - meeting your client's lending needs.

     Our attention to detail and our close-knit, knowledgeable staff provides a single source for placing title orders, providing Title Commitments, Insured Closing Letters / Closing Protection Letters (ICL/CPL), Title Certificates, Preliminary HUD-1/Loan Estimates, compilation and secure communication of fees and expenses associated with the closing transaction and scheduling of your closing.  We stay on the forefront of the changing regulatory requirements being implemented across all facets of the real estate and lending industries, and we constantly update and maintain our office resources and technology to exceed those regulatory expectations keeping all lender and client funds and personal information accountable and secure throughout the closing transaction and beyond.

     Whether it is a HUD-1 Settlement Statement or Closing Disclosure (CD) compiled and prepared by our office or transmission of closing costs and fees via Secure Settlement Portals such as Closing Insight for Lender preparation of the Closing Disclosure (CD), our knowledgeable staff and Best Practices-Compliant office technology strives to streamline the transaction timeline by reducing the gap between processing and the closing while constantly maintaining the security of all transmitted Non-Public Information (NPI) exchanged in a loan transaction. Our hands-on processes are is designed to assist the Lender in adapting to meet the unique requirements of all interested parties to keep the closing process moving forward as quickly, efficiently and as securely as is possible while remaining compliant with all applicable regulations.

     Finally, at closing you can rest absolutely assured that your client will be individually guided through all Loan and Title Documents by our closing attorney, so that your Borrower(s) leave the closing educated about all of the details and inner-workings of their transaction.  The individual attention we provide ensures a seamless experience from Loan Application and Initial Disclosures to educated closing.

     Let the personal attention we give to each of our clients assist you as a Lender, so that you can focus on your client's lending needs.  Since 2005, BBTPA has been providing Lending Professionals with personalized service and assistance with the following:

     As with our Individual and Residential Clients, we supplement our personal attention and accessibility with easy and 24 hour access to a wide variety of resources and tools. These user-friendly tools, links and sources of information are designed to assist your clients in educating themselves on the residential closing process and to become better equipped to identify areas of concern, so that our staff can work jointly with you to specifically address any needs of the parties to ensure a smooth and timely closing. 

     Let us put our local expertise and industry-wide knowledge to work for you and your clients.  
Contact us at our new, expanded location in The Belfry - Tupelo (254 South Front Street, Suite 103, Tupelo, Mississippi 38804) to put us to work for you today.